Who doesn’t wish to have big charming eyes? Not all of us are born with beautiful, big eyes that make us look young always. Big, bright eyes make you look more alert, friendly, and more feminine. And, if you are looking for makeup tricks that can help you have big, adorable eyes, worry no more! StayGlad is happy to help you appear more alert and elegant with some quick and easy makeup tips that can make your eyes look bigger. Read on to learn how.

Shape Your Eyebrows Bold:

Take care to maintain your eyebrows bold and thickly-shaped such that they complement the shape of your face. Defining your brows makes your eyes look bigger than usual. Well-shaped and thick brows also complement your eyes and enhance your appearance.

Put On Shimmer On Eye’s Inner Corner:

Adding shimmer at the inner corner of your eye is a great makeup trick to make your eyes appear larger than usual. It helps you have more awake and open eyes.

Use Light Or Neutral Colored Eye-Shadow:

Dark, bright colors tend to recede, while light colors will help put more focus on your eyes. Put on a light colored eyeshadow on your eyelid to make your eye area look larger and prominent. Avoid dark, jazzy eye-shadows.

Skip Liner And Use Mascara On Lower Lashes:

Applying eyeliner on the lower eyelash line may make your eye appear small. So, skip eyeliner on your lower eyelash line. Instead, go for mascara. Applying mascara on your lower eyelashes focus the lower area of your eye and make your eyes look bigger.

Curl Your Eyelashes:

One of the quickest makeup tricks to make you eye appear larger is curling the lashes of your eyes. Flip your upper eyelashes upwards so that your entire eyes becomes clearer and appear bigger to others.

Apply Mascara On Upper Eyelashes:

Once you curl your eyelashes, apply mascara on your upper eyelashes to define them. Apply mascara to the lower side of your upper eyelashes and pull them outward straight and gently with three strokes. Begin at the base of your upper lashes with the mascara and wiggle your way up to their ends. Now, fan your upper lashes upward and outwards in the next three strokes with the mascara brush. Applying mascara in this way will make your whole eye appear bigger than usual.

Use False Eyelashes:

False eyelashes can make you look natural and gorgeous making your eyes look bigger and beautiful. Use a strip of natural false eyelashes to make your eyes appear bigger. If the false lashes are too long, then you can trim them using a pair of scissors. If you have a hooded eye, then the use of false lashes can be ideal to make your eyes appear larger than usual.

Wear light or neutral lipstick shade:

If you want all the focus on your eyes, then it is wise to keep the rest of the aspects of your face as natural as possible. Don’t go for dark and bright colored lipstick. Put on a lighter or neutral lipstick shade on your lips so that the focus on your big eyes remains unperturbed.
Now that you know these incredible makeup tricks to make your eyes appear bigger and beautiful, make sure you follow them to look young, confident, and attractive at all times. StayGlad, stay gorgeous!