When the clock ticks towards the beautification hour and the “me-time” that all you ladies need, the first attention goes to your hair. They form one of the most significant part of your makeup routine and bad hair days can be a pain that Stayglad empathizes with. One might consecutively have bad hair days and this is one of the signs that you need haircut right away. Here are some more signs that will let you know that you are desperate need of a haircut: -

Combing just does not work:

No matter what brush you buy and however you try and comb your hair, it does set in the right place. Constant frizzy hair is your motto these days. And the layers that you so avidly wanted on your hair have just vanished over a period of time. This is when you really need to get an appointment with the trusted salon or call us to book an appointment with the stylists at StayGlad.

Hair tutorials seem useless:

There are tutorials running through the facebook page, on your favorite blogs like Stayglad and even on your instagram account. But none of the tutorials seem to be working for you. The hair strands just fall flat when you try and style them. This means that your hair is in a bad need of haircut.

Curlers and straighteners are constant:

In case you have to constantly resort to hairstyling like curlers and ironing, to keep your hair in check then it is a definite sign that your hair needs a gorgeous cut to get back in shape.

You see split ends on hair:

While the scalp is doing fine, the ends of the hair have split ends. This is a known fact that split ends retard the hair growth and make your hair weak. This if avoided for a longer span of time can result in excessive hair fall. Hence, we suggest you to not wait for salon visit and call Stayglad right now, because we provide services at your convenience.

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