Even though there is no specification as to what is more fashionable when it comes to curly or straight hair, the general liking falls towards the silky straight hair that you can sway like the coveted advertisements you watch daily. Some of us are blessed with hair that we have always wanted to flaunt others always want the reverse of what they possess. Thanks to the constant innovations in the field of beauty that we can get straight or curly hair permanently. We have prepared a list of do’s and don’ts for permanent hair straitening so that you get the full worth of the amount that you put in this beauty treatment.


No Tucking:

We all love our flicks but they can get annoying when are trying to concentrate on something so tucking your hair behind comes as a natural option. But hair tucking behind your ears or pinning your hair is a strict no-no immediately after your smoothening treatment. According to our Stayglad experts you must wait for at least 3 days until you start tucking and styling your hair as per your whims and fancies.

Sweat no more:

Sweating or not is not really in under our control but once you have had you permanent straightening done you must take good care of the fact that you don’t sweat through your hair pores. This can make your hair sticky and spoil the treatment done on your hair.

Stylist recommendations:

When your stylist recommends you to take care of certain things and uses specific shampoo after this treatment you must pay heed to them and use the specified products. This is so because chemically treated hair will need a different kind of attention and care than normal hair.

Say no to hard towels:

Using hard towels after your hair wash and scrubbing them can damage your hair badly. Hence, we recommend using soft cloth of micro pores towels to dry your hair. Moreover, one must avoid excessive twisting and twirling of hair when trying to get extra water out of your hair.

Paying attention to this list will make your permanent hair straightening last for a longer time and give you all that Stayglad and staying gorgeous that you have always craved for.

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