Flaunting the desired hair color on your tresses may give you a feel of being on the top of the world, as you walk out of the salon. However, you might feel a bit down in the dumps in a week if your hair color fades before you enjoy it. So, it is necessary to learn and follow certain hair care tips to make your fabulous hair color last longer and beat the hair color fading blues. And, StayGlad is pleased to help you out to flaunt colored hair as long as possible with some simple, easy hair care tips. Scroll down to find them out.

Go For Deep Conditioning Before Coloring Your Hair:

You need to take care of your hair not just after you color it but also before coloring it. Go for deep hair conditioning three days before you get your hair colored. This will keep your hair healthy, add an extra boost of moisture, and ensure proper color absorption when you color your tresses.

Choose A Natural Hair Color:

Although you might want to go for a drastic hair color change and color your hair with an outstanding color, it is always better to choose a color shade which is not contrasting to your natural hair color. The farther you go from the natural color of your tresses, the more noticeable your hair coloring job is. Also, by choosing a natural hair color shade you don’t have to worry about hair color fading and re-dying as your hair grows.

Avoid Spending Too Much Time In The Sun:

Spending a lot of time in the sun after having your hair colored can make the color fade quickly. Even though you can use hair sunscreen products to safeguard your hair color from fading, it is better not to be in the sun for long. If you have no option, get an adorable hat and wear it on your head to protect your locks.

Say No To Flat Irons And Blow-Dryers:

Even though blow-drying and ironing your hair make your tresses straight and manageable, it tends to speed up fading of your fresh hair color. If you can’t part from flat-irons and blow-dryers, avoid them at least for a week after you color your hair. Include these tools in your hair care regimen gradually.

Use cool water for shower

Exposing your hair to hot water and washing them with it can easily damage your hair cuticles and cause your lovely hair color to fade. So, always use cool water when having a shower. If you can’t get under the cold water of the shower, have some lukewarm water in the beginning and then reduce the temperature to wash hair in the cold water. Don’t shampoo your hair every day as it can make your hair color fade away.

Don’t Swim In Chlorinated Water:

Swimming on a hot summer day in a pool that contains chlorinated water strips away your hair color easily and leave you with dull, faded hair. So, avoid going for swimming to make your hair color last longer.

Now that you know these six helpful tips to make your hair color last longer, follow them to flaunt colorful, shiny tresses and beat the blues of hair color fading.